(Blossomland Atmospheric Research Flight-1)


Launched in memory of our friend, Larry, KE4PM (sk).  He pushed us to launch our first balloon; and he was the driving force behind BARF-1.  Larry was passionate about amateur radio, and always had fun. 

Launch Date:  October 17, 2009

APRS--144.390 MHz
Voice Beacon (300 mW)  146.565 MHz

Time: 8:32 am to 10:19 am  (107 mins)

Average Ascent 1050.7 ft/min
Average Descent 2220.0 ft/min

Maximum altitude: 80, 709 ft

Final landing location 41 48.224'  85 35.877'
we landed
5.8195 statute miles from the predicted landing location

pre-BARF-1 photos  

BARF-1 photos from the ground

BARF-1 photos from the balloon

Here is the actual path of the balloon's trip on Saturday morning.  The 300 mW beacon was copied the entire chase; and there are even reports of the beacon being heard in Toledo, Ohio.  Below the actual path is a copy of the projection for an 80,000 ft burst--very close to the actually flight.  In fact, the burst occurred right where we projected.  The payload came down faster than anticipated; therefore it landed further north than predicted.  All in all, it was a great day!


80,000 ft burst projection


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